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  Adoption of new MOA and AOA
  Divestment- Buttar Biofuels Private Limited 14.09.2021
Policies of the Company    Divestment- Karimganj Biofuels Private Limited 14.09.2021
  Appointment of Independent Director- 25.08.2021
  Re- Constitution of Committee(s) of Company- 25.08.2021
Resignation of Independent Director- 22.06.2021
Corporate Announcement Authorised Person for Determining Material Event 02.06.2021
Board Meeting Divestment- Karimganj Biofuels Private Limited 01.06.2021
AGM/EGM Results Divestment- Buttar Biofuels Private Limited 01.06.2021
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report Acquisition- Karimganj Biofuels Private Limited- 30.03.2021
News Paper Publications   Acquisition- Buttar Biofuels Private Limited- 30.03.2021
Familiarisation Programme Appointment of Chairman- 09.02.2021
Grevience Cell Appointment of CFO- 09.02.2021
Services Resignation of CFO- 10.11.2020
Credit Rating Appointment of CFO- 14.02.2020
  Resignation of CFO- 31.01.2020
  Appointment of CFO- 30.05.2019
  Resignation of CFO- 30.05.2019
Withdrawal of Nominee Director- 29.11.2018
Appointment of Director- 12.11.2018
Change in Statutory Auditor- 12.11.2018


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