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Committees of Board of Directors

Stock Price
Audit Committee
Name of the Director                        Category                                                         Designation
Policies of the Company  Sh. Tara Chand Meenia                             Independent- Non Executive                              Chairman
Sh. Basant Kumar Bajaj                             Independent- Non Executive                              Member
Mrs. Navpreet Kaur                                    Independent- Non Executive                             Member
Corporate Announcement Stakeholder Relationship Committee
Board Meeting Sh. Tara Chand Meenia                             Independent- Non Executive                             Chairman
AGM/EGM Results Rana Veer Pratap Singh                            Executive Director                                                Member
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report Sh. Basant Kumar Bajaj                             Independent- Non Executive                             Member
News Paper Publications  
Familiarisation Programme Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Informational Cell Sh. Tara Chand Meenia                             Independent- Non Executive                              Chairman
Services Sh. Basant Kumar Baaj                              Independent- Non Executive                              Member
Credit Rating Mrs. Navpreet Kaur                                      Independent Non-Executive                               Member
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Rana Inder Pratap Singh                            Managing Diector                                               Member
Rana Veer Pratap Singh                             Non-Executive                                                      Member
Sh. Tara Chand Meenia                              Independent- Non Executive                            Member


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