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RANA GROUP is one of the fast growing industrial groups and is engaged in the manufacture of Sugar, Alchol, Cotton/Blended/Dyed Yarn & Knitted Garments and also in IT & Infrastructure fields in India.† The group is having their units in Punjab & U.P.

  1. Humane Touch: Utmost care is taken for the well-being of the employees.
  2. Career Growth: RANA GROUP is a growth oriented group and an individual with ability and dedication can climb as many ladders in their career as they are capable.† There are numerous examples in our Group, where persons who joined at lower ranks have rose to very high positions.
  3. Performance Based Organization: Employees are rated purely on the basis of performance. Our system is free of biases and performance is the sole criteria for promotions and increments.

2.† Career Opportunities with RANA GROUP.
†††† RANA GROUP provides avenues for best possible career opportunities due to following factors:

  1. Inter-unit transfers of employees.
  2. New units are being set up by the group.
  3. Existing units are into expansion.
  4. Due to expansion, promotion avenues get created.


3.† RANA GROUPís Expectations from Prospective Employees.
†††† RANA GROUP expects following qualities/attributes in its prospective employees:-

  1. Multi Skilled Persons.
  2. Technically & Professionally qualified.
  3. Up-dated knowledge and skills as per current industry norms.
  4. Ability to work hard.
  5. Willingness to learn in every field and grow.
  6. Willingness to contribute towards the growth of the Organization.

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